Stators & Stars, what’s that? We had our first attempt at this outing last July. It got sparked with some side conversation about how do we give back to the local supporters. The ones that have rep’d the stickers and supported the movement of WLF since they found us and W.E. found them. It only made sense to plan a trip and ride in the local hills that everyone knows and loves. The plan was simple, overnight camping, trails to rip on, good food to refuel. The only problem is that its July and hot is an understatement of weather so W.E. pepper in night riding under the stars. This serves us well to get more seat time and not pass out from the heat. So now the plan was complete...W.E. ripped and walked away with minimal bumps and bruises. W.E. filled up on good eats and drink while telling throttle tales fireside under the night sky.

📽: @Skypixelmedia // @CineBlake

Round 1 was as successful as any crew could ask for everyone leaving dusty with stories and smiles for miles...sooo since W.E. like anything that puts smiles on faces the pack rallied up for the Sophomore swing this year.

2019 started off same as last year with meet and greet at a group staging area, head count about 30 riders. Most of the folks are local to but a few traveled as far as Bakersfield, CA to join in on the festivities. Like any good ride mis-haps start early, this one was no exception, issues on the freeway already caused delays. “Kickstands up at 9:00” never really happens, but we didn't mind at all because everyone was enjoying the catch up and intro time. With the trusty @FMF73 chase @teamtoyota truck all loaded down with the “simple bear necessities” we were ready to roll out.

W.E. hit the dirt round about 9:30 and set out on a leisurely roll to an “undisclosed location” in the middle of Holcomb Valley, 10 miles outside of Big Bear proper. It’s not a secret where the camping and riding was taking place, but that’s ok, everyone knows it’s about the people that your with that make the trip. On the way to the campsite W.E. passed through water, rocks, sand and of course like any (rad) summer ride, a ton of dust. By about 11am we landed at the campsite, early compared to last year. There we were, all set up right in the middle of the trails. A solid place to kick up your feet, have a cold 805, eat a meal, take a nap and chill while waiting for the sunset and bring on the night adventure. Some decided to sleep in a hammocks Good Idea or Bad Idea? They are probably still not sure to be honest. Others had luxury tents and cots and a few decided to “rough it” and slept out in the open. Sleeping accommodations didn’t matter as long as W.E. were hanging with the best crew on two and and got a chance to spend “idle time” together. Pretty sure everyone could have slept on the ground and been perfectly content. Once we got settled into the campsite it was time to laugh, maybe do a little razzing and of course all kinds of talk about life, love and two wheel therapy.

With camp setup, W.E turned to the next most essential Chef @huskyonahusky cooked up some burgers and dogs with ummmm sauerkraut?? This became a topic of discussion throughout the day. “To Sauerkraut or not to sauerkraut, that is the question.” Not sure if the sauerkraut was a good choice, but It might have been the amount of sauerkraut that @dusted_350 threw on everyone's dogs that pushed the riders over the limit or to the bathroom? Well maybe it was the giant jars of pickles?? #WLFact: DID YOU KNOW THAT PICKLE JUICE HELPS ALLEVIATE MUSCLE CRAMPS? WELL NOW YOU KNOW. The day was going well and this year we actually had a grill to cook on opposed to last year’s makeshift fire pit special. Needless to say, we were a bit more prepared. Whether or not your burger, dog, brat with kraut / no kraut it was a solid meal for any human after time spent on a bike.

After some enjoyable rest, it was time to gear back just as the sun was setting behind the mountain peaks. The stage had been set, it was time switch on our @bajadesignsofficial to lightup the forest. It was light when we left and pitch black within an hour after embarking on the trail from camp. Each of us left plenty of space due to the massive amount of dust in the air but if you could follow the cloud you wouldn't get lost. It was Freaking Amazing!! After a couple of hours we radio’d back to camp and @willsfredrick started grilling the night time main course. A couple of guys zigged instead of zagged, but we were able to locate them. We sent out the rescue team to bring them back fireside and have a brew in hand shortly after. Safe to say our @ruggedradios and an investment in a good GPS is a must. Better yet get the @ridetrailtech Voyager Pro so you ride, follow tracks and track your buddies, you’ll thank us later!

Wake-up, Clean-up, Throw all the camp goods back in THE DEN and it was time to head back. A few went and challenged themselves on Malcolm Smith Trail and others went back the way we came up. W.E. made it back to the trucks in record team even with a little bike snafu. Nothing a little @giantloopmoto tow strap couldn't fix. All in all, it was an epic ride!

Back at the trucks we high fived, gave hugs and talked a bit about the good times had over the past few days. Started with 28ish riders and ended with 27ish riders. Hmm Something is wrong here?? oh that’s right he rode back in the chase truck in the AC. As you know W.E. only go #WLFurtherTogether, not just words on paper but something we stand by day and night. Everyone had a solid little exploration and W.E. all made it back safe.

So what is Stators & Stars to you? Do you have your own crew with your own stories on 2-wheels under the sun and moon? To us it is just what was described above; an outing with your pack that turns into an unforgettable adventure. Thanks to all that participated, pitched in and just showed up, W.E. love you and really appreciated it.

What does this story teach us? Ripping the local trails, eating dust (& sauerkraut) camping out, telling stories and most of all have fun with your #WLFriends!

Until next time...

W.E. Further Together