[WLF] PRO-Files: Nick Livingston - 06

[WLF] PRO-Files: Nick Livingston - 06



GARAGE: 2015 WR250R // 2015 KTM 250xcw // 2016 Husqvarna FE350S



My given name is Nick. My wife calls me Huck. Friends call me Cowboy. My kids (Oliver 6 & Eleanor 4) call me Dad.  How incredibly fortunate and privileged I feel to be included in the [WLF] Enduro Project, and I’m totally stoked to share with you a glimpse of the adventure I call life.


As far back as I can remember, I have been captivated by all things adventure.  My most cherished accomplishments to date include kayaking the Colorado River beginning to end, summiting 38 of the highest peaks in the US, Helicopter Snowboarding Alaska with several first descents, and the time I hitch-hiked from Breckenridge, CO to Jackson Hole, WY in search for steeper and deeper conditions. School was a struggle and my short attention span and ever-wandering mind didn’t help the cause. I was never the brightest crayon in the box, as they say. While some children were told to shoot for the stars, my parents and I were told not to expect much of my future, as I would never amount to anything. This was echoed by my peers, teachers, and even once by a pastor. At 18 Years old, I found myself sitting in the parking lot of the local community college about to take the placement exam when I heard the mountains calling. The next day, I was Colorado bound with just a packed-down truck to steer the way. I had no destination planned, and no intent on returning.  It was in those mountains where my adventurous spirit was set free, and where I realized that I was not different, I had just been in the wrong place.

While adventure activities have come, and gone throughout my life, one thing that has always remained is moto. Throttle Junkie since age 11 I have participated in everything from ENDURO racing to full scale off-road expeditions.  I remember the day my father came home with bikes for my brother and I like it was yesterday, mine was so big I could not even tiptoe hold it up, the old man just looked at us and said “a family that rides together sticks together”. 


Currently, I live in Missouri with my beautiful wife and my two Huckleberries’. I am the owner of a 2nd generation office furniture business.  The pleasure I derive from this business by putting people to work, matching someone to a skillset, and being in a position to help my staff better themselves, has become one of my utmost passions.


When not working, you will likely find me with a one finger on the shutter button while hanging out with my Oliver and Eleanor. My little family means more to me than anything in the world

Plated Bike:

Please excuse me, but I must admit my loathing of the term “Dual Sport.” I am not a dual-sport rider.  I am a plated-bike rider. I like to get deep into the Gnar. The more exhausting and gnarly the ride, the better.  Blood, sweat, and tears type of stuff, none of which, comes to mind when I hear the term “Dual Sport”.


Plated bikes are what I am all about. I love to link small sections of pavement to EPIC off-road trail systems. I have enjoyed over 300 mile days on these single-cylinder machines, carrying everything I need to enjoy a weekend away from home.  That same machine took 3rd place in an ENDURO race.  

Currently, I own the mellow WR250R, which will creep (slowly) into almost any Knick or cranny I put it. The second bike is the Husqvarna FE350, which is my performance driven, ready to race, dream machine.  The WR is perfect for exploring the unknown routes and is notorious for its excellent reliability. In contrast, The Husky is outstanding for riding as hard as possible getting into and back out of gnarly terrain, and that is why I own both.

Adventure Riding:

I purchased my first BIG ADV bike back in 2008 (R1200 GS.) I rode the heck out of that bike. I rode that beauty in all weather conditions, through any type of terrain. That bike opened my eyes to the possibilities of extended travel and off-the-bike camping. I was hooked.  I later sold this bike and moved onto the smaller 800GS, which I used to travel about the country tackling all terrain and enjoying the Touratech sponsored routes know to the ADV community as the BDR or Backcountry Discover Route.  Currently, I am taking a break from this form of riding, as I need to focus on making this adventure life-style a family affair via 4 wheels (Stay tuned for the Jeep Build.)


There were years when all I did was race, Enduro/Hare-scramble racing to be specific.  
I did exit the racing scene for a couple of years to build my Home (Yes, I built my home the old-school way with my own hands).  
Our MO courses are super tight and very technical, so much that we whack our bars a ½ inch on each side.  Some of the most exhausting moments of my life came from off-road racing. One race, in particular, stands out fresh in my mind.  It was a cold April day back in 2012. I suffered from a 101 degree fever right before the start, but I wasn’t going to let that stand in my way of racing in this national ENDURO and a possible podium. Standing in my way were 75 riders in my class, but I pulled the Hole Shot.  Shortly after, I pulled over to allow my competitors to pass, as I removed my helmet to threw up.  Three grueling hours later, I took 5th place, went straight to my VAN, loaded up, and checked out.


Racing is something that I plan to get back into this next season.  I practice often on my KTM 250XCW. With single track in my back yard, it will take me no time at all to be back on the podium.

LA to Vegas or Bust:

In September of 2016, Brandon Patton (Core Crew member WLF) threw out the idea of me coming out to California to participate in the infamous LAB2V (LA to Barstow to Vegas), riding off-road greater than 500 miles to Vegas the hard way. This simple direct message on Instagram quickly turned into an EPIC journey full of laughter, friendship, dusty faces, and hardship, as we made our way across the Mojave Desert.

I embarked on this journey, knowing very little of the people, with whom, I would be traveling. Other than a handful of phone calls and emails to coordinate logistics, I had never met any of them. This set the stage for what became one of the most privileged opportunities of my life.  Luke Takahashi and his wife, Lucy, invited me into their home with open arms, I broke bread with them over a most wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, which I am not soon to forget. I was fortunate enough to meet most of the WLF founders and core crew members, of whom, all made me feel like part of the team.


As we raced from LA to Vegas, we found ourselves relying on one another to overcome mechanical issues, troubleshooting navigation, and occasionally giving one another a hard time when someone made a mistake.  In the middle of the Mojave Desert, I found myself so alive and excited for this amazing opportunity, it was like I was watching a new chapter of my life being written before my eyes.  My butt was kicked, my heart was full, and my mission was completed.


As the trip wrapped up and another adventure came to an end, I realized that I left more than just friends behind in California. This fusion was actually a family of throttle-passionate, two-wheeling, brothers.


@RODEO.COWBOY - Instagram

Nick Livingston - Facebook

Ode to the pro-files before me:

Sarah Roth:  Tackling everything you do in full-on BEAST mode. I always look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve to make us men look like boys fighting to keep up.  Oh, and the BANJO- Really!!  Soo Good.  - VIEW SARAH ROTH’S PRO-FILE ARTICLE

Chris Hunt:  Where do I start!  When I first got on IG, I found your feed to be so encouraging. With every post, I just wanted to throw a leg over the bike and ride.  We can always count on you to deliver the shots and locations that give us the adventure bug. - VIEW CHRIS HUNT’S PRO-FILE ARTICLE

Ed Luke:  Ed, you are as solid as they come, a tried and true off-roader, from which, we can all learn to live with respect for both family and community.  The photographs of your 990 and stories of adventure rides keep us all in the spirit to ride.  Must add an Adventure ride with this LEGEND to my bucket list! - VIEW ED LUKE’S PRO-FILE ARTICLE

Chris Riesner:  DUDE!!  Soo talented~ The wood working, the Banjo skills, tearing up the BMX scene, and that beard.  All kidding aside, you come across as a very intriguing person, by which, the rest of us should be Judged.  I must get out on the single track with you some day. It just must happen. - VIEW CHRIS RIESNER’S PRO-FILE ARTICLE

Amelia Kamrad:  You and Steve Kmarad are the dynamic duo coming to the likes of our IG feed as the ultimate Adventure package.  Your passion for your bike and the off-road community, which you are so involved, is incredible. So, stoked to have been lucky enough to connect with you early on through Instagram. - VIEW AMELIA KAMRAD’S PRO-FILE ARTICLE

To WLFenduro:
I am fortunate to have built a great friendship with WLFenduro, and especially Luke. I look forward to working with and collaborating with you on future projects, doing my part to usher energy into the souls of throttle junkies, through a passion for two wheels.  




This guy Cowboy is a rare find. Nick has been one of the most influential riders that we have come across hands down. Not only does he produce some of the most inspirational content on the gram, he is a massive encouragement to WLF and so many other riders around the globe. We're proud to have him part of WLF and stoked to see charging in the performance moto community! We're looking forward to many more meals, rides and break-downs with Cowboy and his family. Thanks again Nick for all the adventures!




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