[WLF] PRO-FILES: Nick & Victoria - 23



GARAGE: 2016 TE300, 2018 250 XC, 2020 300 XCW, 2021 300 XCW


We were sitting at a local bar on our first date, and about 15 minutes in Nick mentioned he rode dirt bikes. That was it for me.. We immediately signed on Craigslist and looked up bikes for sale in our area. Two weeks later I had a new boyfriend, and a used Yamaha TTR 230. Our relationship was kick started by a passion for moto, and has since been tested and strengthened throughout all of the trails we’ve ridden together.


Nick also introduced me to the WLF enduro community. A welcoming, inspiring, motivational crew of riders that lit the flame for me to want to ride harder trails and seriously commit to strengthening my riding skills. A few months in on the TTR, I tried my hand at the Donner Hare Scramble. It was a brutal reality check that I couldn’t ride the way I wanted to with the trusty tractor, and it was time to upgrade to a full size bike. A few weeks later I sold the TTR, and bought a 2016 Husqvarna te300. The 300 taught me so much and took me places I never imagined I could get to. The torque, suspension, and size of the new bike improved my riding immensely, but not without a lot of struggles through the transition.

I used it for two seasons as a snow bike as well, which opened the doors to becoming a Timbersled ambassador. I’ve put that bike thru hell and back and it still takes me to the most amazing rides of my life! This past fall I decided it was time for a fuel injected two stroke for dirt and to keep the husky for snow biking.

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I was blessed to be able to get a 2021 KTM xc-w tpi as my permanent trail bike so I don’t have to switch the Timbersled kit or miss out on dirt over the winter months. This has provided me with so much freedom in regards to riding as many days per week possible wether it be dirt or snow.

📷: Chris Bartowski 

Riding with Nick is definitely my favorite thing to do in the world. Some of our best rides end with taking our dog Haribo around for a rip and letting him chase us. I think moto has become one of the strongest foundations of our relationship because it gives us the opportunity to adventure together, support each other, and push our limits as a couple. Nick and I recently got engaged and I know for a fact that dirt bikes will always be apart of our life, as it has influenced our past in such an incredible way.

📷: Chris Bartowski 

I can’t wait to share my love for this sport and the amazing moto community were apart of with our future kid when the time is right. I always tell people if you want to test your relationship, go dirt biking together haha! I’m so grateful for the ups and downs we’ve experienced along the way, and there really is no better feeling than being apart of the greatest WLF pack of all time.


I’m kinda late to the moto game, I got my first bike in 2013! I was on the way up to Bend, Oregon for a snowboarding event, and the friend I was going with convinced me to buy a Yz125 from his neighbor to take on the trip. The whole week of the event pretty much became focused on dirt biking, instead of snowboarding. From that moment on, I knew that dirt biking was going to be in my life! Over the next few years I realized how much passion I had for moto. In the beginning, my rides mostly consisted of solo adventures exploring the woods, with the rare chance of riding with some friends. Eventually, I met the right group of people that showed me dirt biking was so much more than a sport, it’s really about having good times with others while being part of a community!

Through social media pages like WLF and Trailbound, I saw the style of riding I wanted to do. This also helped me meet the right group of like minded individuals, who have become some of my best friends!

📷: Chris Bartowski 

The next big event in my moto journey was meeting Vic, my now fiancé. I talked her into getting a bike on our first date, and from there taught her how to ride. We are always enjoying the riding adventures together, which has really helped build our relationship. I’m glad she’s has become as passionate about it as I am! That Summer of 2017 was probably the biggest break through in my dirt biking because I was getting a ton of seat time in riding with Vic.

📷: Chris Bartowski 

That summer was also when I met a lot of my current riding buddies, which was really special to meet these guys with such awesome camaraderie and sense of adventure. I could go on forever about these guys, there riding antics and life lessons but I’ll probably just have to write a book about our adventures another day!! From there on out, every Friday has been spent planning the weekend riding plans!

📷: Terren Gomez

Prior to 2016, I had a career as a professional snowboarder and as that faded out, my boarding skills transferred into how I looked at dirtbiking terrain. Just like I would have for snowboarding, I began to look at features to gap, jump, or climb. Personally, I could care less about going fast. I think it’s all about how many different features I can find to hit! I believe in quality over quantity when it comes to enduro. I really enjoy riding stuff that becomes a group activity which were either all suffering together, pushing each other’s limits, or helping each other get up a difficult section. There’s nothing like sharing a good laugh at someone else’s misfortune on the trail! Some of my favorite adventures have been getting lost with Vic.

📷: Chris Bartowski 

Whether it’s testing her patience, pushing her skills, or even the time I lead us in to a pixey stick log labyrinth that was supposed to be a short cut... But I wound up getting us lost in the woods, in the snow, running outta gas at night with no lights! To me, it’s all about times like that that makes friends last as long as the stories do and keeps me excited to get on my bike everyday!